ATT Live Day 3…

Day 3 was a lot of fun. My geek hat never left my head the entire day. The morning session consisted Troubleshooting Techniques for Linux. Two words, “Very Powerful.” After lunch I attended a class on failover for Groupwise Webaccess. Grant it, it wasn’t the type of class I was expecting, yet still a lot of good information I can take back with me.


ATT Live Day 1…

Today was the first day of ATT Live. For those who don’t know what ATT Live is. ATT stands for Advanced Technical Training and is hosted at Novell’s Provo Campus in Utah. This ATT Live event was complete with hands on training from Groupwise 8, Linux and the new ZCM 10. I attended a class on Novell Clustering Services and Linux Advanced Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery. While both classed were very deep and interesting I was thoughly impressed with the amount of knowledge, or rather knowledge I’m still trying to process from the Linux Advanced Troubleshooting class. Watch out Micro$oft when it comes to servers, I think Novell has ya beat!


4 (in the morning)…

Yesterday, I decided to do a favor for a co-worker. We’ve been preparing computers for distribution at the high school for 4 days and have yet to get them into place. Every time we’d image the majority of them we would find some program or a minor setting we left out. We were suppose to have roughly 100 computers ready and distributed by Monday. Thursday afternoon we had 7 done. Take for granted we had imagined them already about two or three time already and now we finally had all the software up to date. Well, now we have one day to finish the rest and get them out. At roughly 8 ‘o clock I decided to go back to work and finish it up. I replaced the existing wanna-be switch with a Cisco 3550 with a gigabit backbone back to the core. Then I started imaging. It was going quite smoothly until I decided to reboot our web server to install some more updates. BIG MISTAKE! Although, I’d rather know sooner or later, yet 1 in the morning wasn’t the best time. I was almost done with the imaging when I learned that the web server didn’t wanna come back up. SCSI errors everywhere. Fortunately, rebuilding Moodle isn’t difficult, but time consuming. Convenient enough I had an extra server in the rack I could use. Installing SLES was the first time and it seemed like forever after deciding to install the updates before I did the actual conversion. While that was happening I used an Ubuntu cd to extract all the data from the old server and thankfully there was nothing wrong with the drives, yet it turns out to be some issues the software ( still don’t know what happened.) 3 hours later I’m leaving and going home, to bed. I’ll see the crew on Monday.



A few months back I’ve been preparing a server for Novell Teaming. Teaming is a product, Novell basically bought out another company to use their product, that can be used for collaboration on a scale similar to that of Facebook and Myspace. Generally we know that Facebook and Myspace is designed and used by the masses, including myself; however, this product allows users of an organization, ex. school district, to be productive and yet make it fun at the same time. Fast forwarding to the present I’m glad to announce that I have successfully have Novell Teaming up and running in our district. While it is not yet live I will be working on the design and learning more about the product.


Oh.. I'm Peachy…

Last night I flew in from Atlanta, GA. I was there since Tuesday evening and I had a blast. Of course, I went to Atlanta on business, but I still made time to have fun. I was amazed how clean the downtown area is. The Georgia Aquarium was really nice! Some how having a redneck and fish aquarium together can be a dangerous thought. One idea that was new to me was the use of MARTA ( subway like system that travels above and below  ground) for public transportation.

Of course, this meant where ever your stop was you still had to walk some distance but over all it wasn’t that bad of a hike. This allowed myself to travel to the Lenox Square. When I first heard of the Lenox Square I thought of the Linux Operating System, but to my surprise it wasn’t. The mall there was amazing and big.

The Apple Store was even more spectacular.

As I walked around in the Apple Store you could someone walking behind with a mop and bucket cleaning my drool. Needless to say my legs are sore from all the walking I did.

Now I’m recovering from jet lag.