yankee doodle dandy

It has always been my luck when listening to the radio I’ll hear a song I like and the DJ decides he’s too lazy to mention the artist, group or the name of the song. Well, this time it’s different. I started subscribing to Sirius radio in which one of the advantages of having it is that the song information is always displayed on the receiver. Here’s the catch. A new song by an artist called Dandy has a song titled, “Because You Lied” was playing and I liked it so much that I started looking to buy it. I thought I’ll just get on iTunes and do a search and I buy that one song. I thought I’d take the ethical approach this time instead of using limewire. Guess what! iTunes doesn’t have a clue about the song. I did like any other person and googled the song and artist. Only information I can find is people in forums with posts with the same question I have, Where do I find the song? Then a light bulb goes off, or rather turns on in my head and I turn to Myspace. I did a search on there and like most artist it turns out that Dandy has a myspace page.  Low and behold you can listen to the same song I was looking for on the page. The best part was that I could download it for free from the site. 🙂

Dandy’s MySpace.