Drop in the Bucket

I was with some co-workers going to lunch one day and we were listening to the song, “Country Boy Can Survive” and a part of the song intrigued me. The lyrics were:

“…But he was killed by a man with a switchblade knife
For 43 dollars my friend lost his life
Id love to spit some beechnut in that dudes eyes
And shoot him with my old 45
Cause a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive…”

After I heard that I told my co-workers. “I’d like to do that one day, spit beechnut in some dudes eyes. I think I’ll add that to my bucket list.”

They laughed.


Tickle My Ears…

One name and a beautiful voice, Hayley Westenra. A few months ago I began listening to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. I wonderful if there were anyone else out there that sound just as beautiful as their voices. Well, needless to say, listening to Benedictus by Hayley almost brings tears to my eyes. The music, her voices and the choir are so amazing and beautiful. Here is a link to video of here singing on YouTube. Benedictus by Hayley Westenra


yankee doodle dandy

It has always been my luck when listening to the radio I’ll hear a song I like and the DJ decides he’s too lazy to mention the artist, group or the name of the song. Well, this time it’s different. I started subscribing to Sirius radio in which one of the advantages of having it is that the song information is always displayed on the receiver. Here’s the catch. A new song by an artist called Dandy has a song titled, “Because You Lied” was playing and I liked it so much that I started looking to buy it. I thought I’ll just get on iTunes and do a search and I buy that one song. I thought I’d take the ethical approach this time instead of using limewire. Guess what! iTunes doesn’t have a clue about the song. I did like any other person and googled the song and artist. Only information I can find is people in forums with posts with the same question I have, Where do I find the song? Then a light bulb goes off, or rather turns on in my head and I turn to Myspace. I did a search on there and like most artist it turns out that Dandy has a myspace page.  Low and behold you can listen to the same song I was looking for on the page. The best part was that I could download it for free from the site. 🙂

Dandy’s MySpace.