Muddy Sweetness…

Recently, I’ve taken on a hobby of finding non-chain establishments of coffee shops and book stores. Yes, I still love going to Starbucks and Barnes and Noble. However, I find the atmosphere of non-chain establishments more relaxing and socially appealing. I guess, it’s like an adventure actually holding a conversion with a random stranger and then suddenly that person I’m speaking to doesn’t feel like a stranger anymore.

Now, you’re probably wondering of which non-chain establishment I discovered. I guess I’ll tell you. The name of the store is Muddy’s Bake Shop. At first when I drove by it I read the name of it as Muddy’s Brake Shop. The young lady behind the register laughed when I told her this. She followed up with, “…we do brakes in the back.” It’s an instant laugh with a touch of sweetness.

I first learned about the bake shop from a fellow twitter user, @GEEKvGIRL. She mentioned it awhile back and since then I’ve forgotten the name of the place. Fortunately, I was to Google “Memphis” and “cupcakes” and the top result was, “Muddy’s Bake Shop.” You can visit their site for more information and/or follow @muddysbakeshop on Twitter.

cupcake selection
cupcake selection