Coffee Trek…

java cabana

Hello, my name is Gary Woodard and I’m a coffee connoisseur. I’ve made a point to try any type, blend and flavor of coffee I can brew. Aside from drinking the coffee that I normally fix in the morning at the office, I like to explore strange new coffee shops and seek out new blends of coffee and to boldly go where no coffee taster has gone before.

Well, on this episode of Coffee Trek I discovered a strange new coffee shop called, Java Cabana. Java Cabana is located in the Cooper-Young district in Memphis, TN. Like Java Cabana, the Cooper-Young area itself is new to me as well.

At first I was concerned of where I was going to park. Luckily for me there was a place a to park right across the street from the coffee shop. Once inside I felt like I was entering a world that I’ve already been to once before. The furniture, music and the decor reminded me of walking into someone’s home. There were different types of couches, love seats, chairs with coffee tables and dining tables spread throughout the shop. On the back wall was a book shelf filled with different board games.

I was greeted by a friendly fellow named Wesley. I am by no means an expert on tasting coffee; however, I am a bit picky as to how my coffee should taste. I decided to order a Mocha. The Mocha is a drink I normally order from Starbucks.

The taste was unbelievably smooth and pleasant. The amount of expresso, milk and syrup seemed to perfectly proportioned.

Needless to say, if you’re in Memphis and you’re looking for a an alternative to Starbucks then just go over to Java Cabana and explore a taste of coffee that is out of this world.


When the nib hits the road…

Finally, I was able to get some ink for my first pen. I’ll admit I was quite nervous the first time I put the nib to the paper when I came home to try it out. I’m glad to say that I’m very pleased. If your ever passing through Memphis, TN and you want to see an awesome selection of FP’s check out Tobacco Corner. At first, I thought the tobacco shop would be all tobacco and have very little selection of pens and I was wrong. This shop is 50% tobacco and 50% pens. Very friendly folks in there.

Recently, I’ve become a member of the Fountain Pen Network. I was actually amazed from the amount of responses I received and how helpful the fellow members were.