Stewart, Conway Stewart No.12 …

Just when I thought I weined myself out of a fountain pen addiction I find another to add to my collection. There is a good reason for it though. This particular pen has a feature I had yet to experience. That my friends is a stub nib. In a nutshell, a fountain pen with a stub nib provides line variation without the need of providing pressure on the nib that is found with flex nibs.. In saying that, this pen is my first pen with a stub nib and I find exciting and even more when I write with it. Hopefully soon I’ll have some pics up with a writing sample. For now you can see some really nice pics of the pen. By the way, the pics below are from the Fountain Pen Network provided by the person of whom I bought the pen from. Enjoy!


When the nib hits the road…

Finally, I was able to get some ink for my first pen. I’ll admit I was quite nervous the first time I put the nib to the paper when I came home to try it out. I’m glad to say that I’m very pleased. If your ever passing through Memphis, TN and you want to see an awesome selection of FP’s check out Tobacco Corner. At first, I thought the tobacco shop would be all tobacco and have very little selection of pens and I was wrong. This shop is 50% tobacco and 50% pens. Very friendly folks in there.

Recently, I’ve become a member of the Fountain Pen Network. I was actually amazed from the amount of responses I received and how helpful the fellow members were.


Fountain flowing and ink dribbles…

Well I did it. Not only did I purchase my next pen, yet at the same time I purchased my first fountain pen. I love ebay! I came across a seller that is closing down his retail shop and selling his pens at a remarkable price. The Visconti Van Gogh Midi’s color and design is fabulous. I’m so excited that I’ll probably check my mail box every day next week. Although I got a good deal on it ($68 for a $165 regular price, even on eBay) it is going to be difficult not purchasing the rollerball counterpart. While the rollerball is exceptionally affordable as well, I am going to have a hard time purchasing two pens within a week of each other. Normally I would wait for another deal, but this opportunity is rare. The rollerball version is $60 with a regular price of $145. Not only is the price tempting, yet I will have to choose between two colors. Classic black or the same color of the fountain pen I purchased. While I like the idea of having a matching pair, yet part of me wants the black. The real deal is I still need a pen to carry with me. While the fountain pen would work, I believe I may need some time adjusting to the feel of the nib.

I would like to thank, The Noble Savage, for the detail review of this line of fountain pens. I would not have been able to make a decision without his help. When I receive my pen I will post pictures of it, but in the mean time I will give you a peek of it from the eBay auction site. Visconti Van Gogh Midi