My Dogs on YouTube…

Well I’ve done it. I’ve just uploaded my first video to YouTube. Quality sucks big time but it doesn’t matter. Just another geeky moment. Well, not to geeky since I was using Apple’s iMovie which makes the process so quick and easy. Also for ya’ll winders guys out there. It was a two click process. Click here to view the movie on YouTube.



Tickle My Ears…

One name and a beautiful voice, Hayley Westenra. A few months ago I began listening to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. I wonderful if there were anyone else out there that sound just as beautiful as their voices. Well, needless to say, listening to Benedictus by Hayley almost brings tears to my eyes. The music, her voices and the choir are so amazing and beautiful. Here is a link to video of here singing on YouTube. Benedictus by Hayley Westenra