Twitter and WordPress…

After signing up for Twitter I took sometime to find out how to post my updates to my wordpress blog. As you can see I found out how to do that. For those of you who would like to do the same just reference this link. The link will take you to the forums on This is the information I used to get it rolling.


Twinkle or Twitter Me…

ver the past few weeks I’ve heard and saw references to Twitter. I’m not going to explain what twitter is, of course, most people know what it is by now or you can google it. So, I recently joined up on twitter. At first my experience was a little confusing. I downloaded a twitter client for my iPhone called Twinkle. I signed up and I noticed that they’re were not a lot of people using this service. I thought to my self, hmm. Then I finally noticed the option in Twinkle to turn on Twitter. That is when the light bulb turned on. Twinkle and Twitter are two different networks. Overall, I find this method of social networking less daunting versus the likes of Facebook and Myspace. Well, Facebook wasn’t that bad but I loathed Myspace.

Your welcome to follow me on Twinkle and Twitter. Just look for my username gwcisco or click here for my profile on