ATT Live Day 3…

Day 3 was a lot of fun. My geek hat never left my head the entire day. The morning session consisted Troubleshooting Techniques for Linux. Two words, “Very Powerful.” After lunch I attended a class on failover for Groupwise Webaccess. Grant it, it wasn’t the type of class I was expecting, yet still a lot of good information I can take back with me.


ATT Live Day 2…

I had three awesome sessions. First was Top Issues in Groupwise. Second, the one session I was propably looking foward to the most was instructed by the famous Laura Chappell. She presented to us 20 problems with 20 solutions using Wireshark. By the way, she started ChappellU. In contrast to WiresharkU ChappellU consists of mulitple open source solutions and instructional videos and much more for what I consider “really inexpensive.” Finally, the last session I attended was titled Become a Linux System Admin Rockstar. I’m rock’n like a rockstar Linux style.


ATT Live Day 1…

Today was the first day of ATT Live. For those who don’t know what ATT Live is. ATT stands for Advanced Technical Training and is hosted at Novell’s Provo Campus in Utah. This ATT Live event was complete with hands on training from Groupwise 8, Linux and the new ZCM 10. I attended a class on Novell Clustering Services and Linux Advanced Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery. While both classed were very deep and interesting I was thoughly impressed with the amount of knowledge, or rather knowledge I’m still trying to process from the Linux Advanced Troubleshooting class. Watch out Micro$oft when it comes to servers, I think Novell has ya beat!


Stewart, Conway Stewart No.12 …

Just when I thought I weined myself out of a fountain pen addiction I find another to add to my collection. There is a good reason for it though. This particular pen has a feature I had yet to experience. That my friends is a stub nib. In a nutshell, a fountain pen with a stub nib provides line variation without the need of providing pressure on the nib that is found with flex nibs.. In saying that, this pen is my first pen with a stub nib and I find exciting and even more when I write with it. Hopefully soon I’ll have some pics up with a writing sample. For now you can see some really nice pics of the pen. By the way, the pics below are from the Fountain Pen Network provided by the person of whom I bought the pen from. Enjoy!


Twitter me this…

My new addiction is Twittering. I’m constantly checking the current tweets. While checking out the latest tweets recently I encountered a tweet between two people. One of them being a fellow comic follow and someone I have not seen on the big screen in a while. The second being Brent Spiner. I find it amazing to see celebrities at all on Twitter since they can be opened to let’s say virtual fandom annoyances. Turns out that there is quite a few celebrities using Twitter. Currently among the Star Trek cast using twitter is Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton.

To find more celebrities using Twitter go over to Celebrities Using Twitter‘s site.



Seems like every new year I attempt to keep a resolution. Of course, the keyword here is “attempt.” Personally, the reason I believe that people have trouble keeping New Year’s resolutions is because they are either unobtainable or is a goal that can not be simply acquired over the course of one year. With this in mind I have chosen two simple resolutions.

My resolutions are:

1. Enhance or improve my hand writing.
2. Record daily entries in my journal.

This year might may very well be my first successful resolution to follow. Early last year I bought my first fountain pen. Since that time I have become obsessed with fountain pens. Sadly I have to find reasons to use them. I know it doesn’t make sense; however, I decided to keep a journal. Thus with the use of my collection of fountain pens i have the means and desire to fulfill and keep my resolutions for this new year.


Research paper for fun…

Are you kidding me? Although I’ve been known to do a research paper for school, yet typically I flat out refuse to do so. I’ve even suffered greatly and received some regrettable grades for it. Now that I think about it. I wonder why that is the case? I would continue to rant about this but if you’re reading this I’ll let you post your comment instead.

Currently I’m reading, “The Historian” once again. I’m undecided at the moment on which book to read next so I’ve chosen to reread this book until I make a decision. One reason I enjoy reading this book it that it has a way of working my brain (hold your laughing to yourself). I get this overwhelming sensation to go to the nearest library and stuffing my head in books and extracting all the information I can about “something.” What I would really love to do is to go somewhere I haven’t been and find a small town, find the more “established” people of that town, and interview them. Maybe I can become a Historian myself.


A Rosy book, not so to me…

My preference in books is normally historical fiction and particularly those with multiple timeline. The kind of books that can make you car sick weaving back and forth from the past to back to the future so to speak. My latest read was close to this; however, it mostly dwelled on the present day events of the story. Unfortunately I had a little distaste in my mouth after finishing the book. Well, I guess I could at least mention the name of the book. The book is titled, “The Rose Labyrinth.” By the way, if you are a Christian like myself you may find the book disheartening. While the book had a good story and preceded to untwine itself very gently I found it disturbing for someone to go out of their way to attack Christian fundamentalism. Now, I’m not a reader of the “Left Behind” series, but to go all out and “poke fun” at people who enjoy reading the series I don’t think is quite right. Especially, when the “Rapture,” of which the book, “The Rose Labyrinth” speaks of is treated like the unveiling of the mythical fountain of youth. The characters in the book that were of this supposed occult following looking for a rapture that were portrayed as Crusaders, who brought death and blood to everyone standing in their way to Jerusalem, truly do not represent at all those who enjoy reading the “Left Behind” series. The author does deliver the message in various passages that the bad guys in the book do not truly represent Christian ideology. However, the reference to the “Left Behind” series clearly indicates, the way I see it, that the author believes that the theology of the “Rapture” or “Return of Christ’ is the poison in our cups.


Where's Waldo? Or rather, where's Gary…

I’m always looking for cool ways to use my iPhone. Unfortunately what I’ve found isn’t exactly useful, yet still cool. Instamapper is a kewl app from the App Store of which I’m speaking of. It’s main function is allow other’s to do live tracking of your location as you move about. Some of the features consist of sharing you location via Facebook or by simply inputing html code into your blog or web page so visitors to your site can see where you are at.